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Gwen Howlett Memorial SCHOLARSHIP

This fund was established in memory of Gwen Howlett to provide financial assistance to students, preference given to those living in the Gladstone Michigan School District who wish to participate in Learn-to-Skate (LTS) and Junior Club programs through the Escanaba Area Figure Skating Club, and who demonstrate a financial need.


Gwen, a 2012 Gladstone High School graduate and lifelong area resident, was a young woman who loved the sport of figure skating. She began skating at age three, and skated her entire life after that. She skated every EAFSC ice show and competed regularly in competitions in Michigan and Wisconsin. She enjoyed sharing her passion for skating with others as a coach, particularly as a LTS coach. Gwen would be honored to know that students who could not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to skate will be able to do so as a result of this fund.



  • Students may apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of both fall and winter sessions for the student, for one year. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, preference given to those living in the Gladstone Michigan School District. Students who are too young to attend school may also apply, with said preference given.

  • Recipients of scholarships may receive funding in subsequent years if they can demonstrate continued financial need, and show regular attendance at both fall and winter sessions.

  • Recipients who complete both fall and winter sessions and wish to participate in the ice show may apply for an additional grant of $100 to help cover costs of ice show costumes, tights, etc.

  • Financial need is based on the annual HUD median income guidelines established for Delta County. The applicant’s household must have an income at or below the 80% of median household income level set by HUD for that year, based on the size of the applicant’s household. Household income for purposes of this program is defined as the Total Household Resources shown on the previous year’s Michigan form MI-1040CR, line 28; if no MI-1040CR was filed, household income is defined as taxable income from line 16 of the previous year’s MI-1040.

  • Applications for LTS scholarships must be submitted to the Escanaba Figure Skating Club by September 15. Students submitting applications by this deadline will be notified of funding decisions by the @me of registration. Funding for ice show will be awarded based on coaches confirming regular attendance at LTS sessions. Regular attendance is defined as missing no more than two days of lessons in either the fall or winter sessions.

  • A total of up to $1,000 will be available each year for scholarships.

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