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The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Club. The Board Members will exercise the powers of the Club’s by-laws. The board typically meets the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm at the rink. Any change in the date, time or location will be communicated. There is not a meeting during the months of June and July, unless the Board of Directors deems appropriate. April is the annual meeting and is typically conducted in conjunction with the skating banquet. Coaches, the public and all members are encouraged to attend board meetings.



Any member(s) having a suggestion or concern should contact a board member. If you wish to have a matter placed on the agenda for the next board meeting, the information should be communicated to the Board President at least five days prior to the board meeting. The board will accept comments from the public and/or Club members at any meeting, but may not take action on items which have not been submitted in time to be placed on the agenda. It is your Club and open communication is encouraged!



Officers are elected at the May board meeting. Three board members are (re)elected annually for a 3-year term. There are a total of nine board members, not term limited. Board members must be an adult skating club member or parent, grandparent or guardian of a skating club member in good standing and involved with the EAFSC for at least one year. Board members are expected to be present at all meetings. Consistently absent board members may be removed from the board at any time with a majority vote. 


Please advise any board member if you are interested in participating on the EAFSC board of directors or with any ideas & suggestions.



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