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The Escanaba Area Senior High School (EAHS) Figure Skating Team is composed of Escanaba Area Figure Skating Club (EAFSC) skaters who are interested in skating at a high school competitive level. The team is sanctioned by the Escanaba High School in 2013 and each successive year as a “club” sport. Sanctioning is an annual requirement to maintain a high school skating team in Michigan. The club team is coached, and is governed under the direction of EAFSC Board of Directors.

Skater Criteria

The goal of the EAHS Figure Skating Team is to provide a vehicle where by high school students may participate in the sport of figure skating at a high school competitive level, but as an extra-curricular "club" activity. A participating skater must meet the following criteria:

· Male or female enrolled in grades 9 through 12 during the skating year

· Attend Escanaba High School (EHS), Gladstone High School, or Rapid River High School

· Maintain the academic grade requirements established by EHS: 1.66 grade point average per/marking period quarter verified each quarter with the school

· Skaters must have a physical on record at their respective high school before participating

· Skaters much sign a liability release prior to skating, as well as a photo release and travel waiver

·  Be a current USFS and EAFSC member, and must purchase a minimum of one club skating session per/week for training, and be available for high school ice time and conditioning

·  Participate in team tryouts to determine best position(s) based on evaluations of 3 or more coaches

·  Attend practice ice time - mandatory to practice at minimum competition and backup elements

·  Team building through required fundraising and volunteer community projects

·  Adhere to the EAHS Athletic code, EAFSC guidelines and the USFS code of ethics and code of conduct found in your USFS rulebook

·  Potential to earn an EHS Figure Skating Team club letter based on criteria provided

·  Be financially responsible for providing own equipment, including uniforms, skates and team expenses as necessary to participate

Coaching Criteria

The EHS Figure Skating Team coach is determined based on qualifications by the EAFSC Board of Directors prior to each skating year.  The coach acts as a role model and mentor, and is responsible for the following:

·  Coordination of the program, practice times, discipline and finances in conjunction with the board

·  Professionalism, including effective open communication, clarity and fairness with all skaters and the board

·  Coordinate tryouts with a minimum of 3 coaches to select skater for levels and elements

·  Development of each skater to maximize individual skills to compete as well as backup elements

·  Coaching of all warmups, practice sessions and competitions

·  Management of finances, high school sanction of competitions if host and publicity

·  Liaison with EAHS in conjunction with EAFSC President

·  Determine team awards, including club letter based on set criteria of practices, competitions and participation in team fundraisers and community service

·  Set expectations and enforce inappropriate individual/team behavior in conjunction with the EAFSC board

·  Mentor assistant coach if appropriate


It is expected that the EHS Figure Skating Team coach will be paid for the following expenses. If multiple coaches, room and driving expenses are to be shared. 

·  Practice on ice coaching time (based on coaches hourly rate)

·  Competition ice coaching time (based on coaches hourly rate)

·  Competition mileage at volunteer IRS rate or gas only if driving own vehicle

·  Hotel if overnight is required (prorated if other adults in shared room)

·  Meal per diem up to $20 per day to cover added meal expenses

Skating Expenses

The EHS Figure Skating Team is self-funded, with support from the EAFSC competition profit of up to $1000 voted on annually.  This generally covers the team entry fees for UP based competitions.  

Skaters will be responsible for purchasing a team skating dress, warm up and over the boot tights, as well as an initial USFSA high school membership fee and team participation fee to cover ice time, tryouts and coaching fees.  Coaches travel may be additional based on the competition schedule.

All travel costs will be the responsibility of the skater's family. Permission to travel waivers must be signed by all members and their parents and on file with the coach.


High School Skaters in Michigan compete in Districts, each composed of 6-12 teams.  EHS completes in District 7. Opportunities exist for local competitions as well as the potential for state competitive events after a minimum of three team compulsory competitions.

High school competitions are divided into 3 divisions, A, B, and C level teams, allowing skaters of all levels to participate in EAHS skating competitions.  

Competitive Level A Team Skater  - no restrictions, more advanced skaters

Competitive Level B Team Skater - must not have passed Intermediate Free Skate or Novice Moves

Competitive Level C Team Skater – must not have passed Preliminary Free Skate or Pre-Juvenile Moves

At Team Compulsory competitions, there are 3 events at each level: Jumps, Spins and Moves.  Each event has 4 elements with each element to be performed by a single skater from each team, in team rotation.  Competitions last about 4 hours.  Teams compete against other teams within their own district to earn a position in the State Championship competition.  The 2 day State Championship offers a final team event in the same format with added opportunities for individual events such as free skating, dance and a showcase which allows skaters to earn individual State medals.

Fundraising & Service

Raising funds for the high school team is mandatory, and will be considered each year.  Fundraising requires adult coordination in addition to skater participation.  All parents and skaters will be required to participate in fundraising activities throughout the season, typically 2, or purchase the buyout if extenuating circumstances.  Past fundraisers include brat sale, Rada cutlery, bake sales, bucket raffles, etc.

Questions & Communication

For more information, contact Coach Mary Gauthier: or phone (906) 280-3720. If Coach is unavailable, contact EAFSC President Brooke Prins: or phone (906) 280-6808.

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