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EAFSC Club Membership offers skaters who want to further progress their skating skills the opportunity to purchase Club ice time. Club membership includes registration with USFSA and the opportunity to participate in the annual Ice Show and solo at Club exhibitions. The USFSA membership includes:


  • Registration in the US Figure Skating Association and membership card.

  • Subscription to Skating Magazine (published by US Figure Skating).

  • General Sports Accident Insurance

  • Opportunity to test and compete at US Figure Skating sanctioned events.

  • Test award badges, certificates, gold medals, plaques, and trophies earned.


Club ice is provided for purchase Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, typically October through February. General sessions (reserved for skaters who have achieved Basic Skills level 4, with lower skaters skating earlier sessions) are used for a combination of Free Skate, Dance, and Moves. Moves sessions are used exclusively for group Moves and Power Skate for technique and endurance. Both of the latter include coaching. Individual coaching lessons may be reserved on the General session for Free Skate, Dance, and Moves by contracting the coach of your choice.


Ice time is purchased for the entire season. The cost of various sessions is set based on the cost of ice to the Club, and the number of skaters expected to skate a particular session. Due to the high cost of ice, and the need to insure at the beginning of the season that there are enough skaters enrolled to cover the cost of ice for that session, no refunds will be given for ice time except for medical reasons such as an injury or illness that will prevent a skater from skating a significant portion of the season. Medical refunds will only be given with a written medical order.


Club members are eligible to purchase additional General Session Club ice time with the purchase of Drop In Coupons. All Club members may drop in on sessions for which they are eligible. Please check with your coach, ice time monitor, or any Board Member for eligibility and drop in rates. If your scheduled ice time session is not available to you for reasons such as the ice was sold for a tournament, etc., you will be given a voucher to be used on another session.


A heated locker room is available in the center area of the Hannahville Ice and Turf Complex. The room is dedicated to figure skaters and important information is posted on the bulletin boards. A locked drop box is located in proximity to the locker room. It is used for ice payments, drop in coupons, Ice Show deposits, ticket sales, etc. Each skater is responsible for keeping the locker room and rink areas tidy. EAFSC is your Club!

Member in Good Standing

A skater is considered to be in good standing with the Club if all skating related bills are up-to-date according to the payment schedule. All skating ice time payments must be paid by the designated time. Failure to adhere to the payment policy will result in all skating privileges being revoked until payment is up to date. Privileges will include: Regular ice sessions, drop in ice, Ice Show, competitions, and testing.


A skater is not considered to be in good standing with the Club if a forged signature appears on a test or competition application. A designated Test Chair must sign an application for a test session. A Club Officer must sign an application for a competition. Their signature verifies that you are a member in good standing. Forgery of a Test Chairperson's or Officer's signature will results in no less than a 30 day suspension from testing.

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