EAFSC Professional Coaches


EAFSC coaches are members of the US Figure Skating and Professional Skaters Association (PSA). They reach various levels as defined in their profile. Matching a coach's personality and skills to skater's goals makes for a very rewarding skating experience. Club members are responsible for obtaining their own coach. 

Coach Selection

Selecting a coach is a very important decision for a skater. You should contact prospective coaches to make sure they are available during the ice session you are interested in, and that they are aware of your skating goals for the season, including your desire to test and/or compete. All coaching fees are billed to you by your coach. Please be respectful with prompt payment of these bills. If you are not available for a scheduled session, it is up to you to contact your coach in advance and let them know of your absence.

Jennifer Adamini

Jen Adamini

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Kassidy Wigand

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Heather LaPalm

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Beth Berube

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Mary Gauthier

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Alicia Trudell

Achievements and more...

Amy Wellman

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Tiffany Hewitt

Achievements and more...

Shirra Sinnaeve

Achievements and more...

Coach Qualifications

Coaches are an important factor in the development of a skater's skills and their continuing enthusiasm for the sport. The following minimum qualifications have been established by the Escanaba Area Figure Skating Club. All coaches are required to have completed these requirements in order to coach either group or private lessons:


  • Be at least 14 years of age.

  • Provide proof of USFSA registration and USFSA/PSA liability insurance to the coach liaison or EAFSC Treasurer before coaching any private lessons that year.

  • Volunteer for a full fall or winter session of the Learn to Skate program; one excused absence per session is allowed, Volunteer coaching may occur prior to the coach turning 14 years of age.

  • Attend one coaching seminar per yer, if offered by EAFSC.

  • Shadow and experienced (post-high school) coach while coaching private lessons. Shadowing shall include at least two lessons each of Free Style, Moves, and Dance. In the case of Moves, group Moves may be substituted for private Moves lessons. This shadowing shall be completed as early as possible in the skating season. 


A beginning coach must complete the volunteer coaching in the Learn to Skate program prior to coaching private students. The beginning coach may then coach private lessons during the same time period that they are shadowing an experienced coach, on a provisional basis. If in the opinion of the EAFSC Board of Directors the beginning coach is not asking an adequate effort to complete the shadowing requirement in a timely manner, coaching privileges may be suspended until the required shadowing has occurred.

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