Escanaba Spring Test Session

February Date TBD

Test Sessions

A test session is an official event that is judged by a panel of USFSA appointed judges. Throughout the year, the Club receives notices of test sessions and skating competitions from various clubs. US Figure Skating proficiency testing is offered periodically at EAFSC for lower level skating events requiring a single judge. Other test sessions are available throughout the year by other organizations such as Marquette Figure Skating Club. Many times, test sessions are in conjunction with competitions.

Eligibility to Test

According to US Figure Skating, skaters must be a current member of USFSA, be a current member in good standing of their home club (all Club and Coach payments current), provide a letter or email of permission to test from their home club, pay the appropriate fees and have the recommendation of their coach as indicated by the coach signature on the application to test form. Skaters taking dance tests will most likely be required to take at least one dance lesson from the designated test partner. Dance tests may also be taken with a coach of the skater as the partner. Fees are associated as follows:

  • Lesson Fees - Fee charged by the partner for a lesson or partner practice lesson. (Not included on test form. Skater will be charged.)
  • Partner Fees - Charged by the partner to take the skater through the test on test day. (Included on test form.)
  • Test Fees - The cost of a particular test (included on the test form) and associated club fees.
Note: Testing fees are based on ice costs, partner and judges' expenses, which include travel, lodging, and meals. US Figure Skating judges are volunteers and are not paid a fee or stipend.

Test applications must include the coach or coaches who will be coaching and / or partnering. All USFSA events, including testing, require that a coach be registered with USFSA. The USFSA website lists all coaches who are registered and will be used to confirm coach registration. Names appear on the list only when all USFSA registration requirements have been met.

Test Application

Test application forms will need to be completed by the skater, signed by their instructor and the Club's Test Chairperson by the date specified by the host club. The Test Chairpersons are the only authorized members within the club eligible to sign a test form. If you need to contact a Test Chairperson, contact them between 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. A Test Chairperson will post a schedule of skaters' test times a few days before a test session day when possible.


Skaters should arrive for testing or competing approximately one hour before their appointed time. Any questions on testing or competing can be directed to your skating instructor. If you should fail a skating test, you are required to wait 28 days before retrying the test. A copy of the test results will be sent to the Test Chairperson(s). A passing test MUST be turned into a Test Chairperson. This information will be used to determine your testing points for ice shows.

Testing Levels

The USFSA defines a system of "tests" which allows a skater to progress through a sequence of logical steps in competitive development. The tests also establish a benchmarking structure for competitive purposes. ASll USFSA sanctioned competitions group skaters according to leveles of test passed. HTis allows skaters of similar abilities to compete against each other. THere are two types of testing defined by the USFSA:

Learn to Skate Testing

Within the Learn to Skate (Basic Skills) program, testing is used to advance skaters from level to level. This testing is usually performed in front of skater's instructors, and is very informal. Passage through the Learn to Skate program is not required for competitive skaters. Some competitions that offer beginner level events do use Learn to Skate levels to help group competitors. The levels as defined by USFSA include:

  • Basic Skills Program
  • Snow Plow Sam 1-3
  • Hockey Skills 1-4
  • Basic Skills 1-8
  • Free Skate 1-6

Judged Testing

A much more formal test structure is designed for skaters who have advanced past basics. USFSA appointed judges at formal "test sessions" judge these tests. The results are forwarded to the USFSA, which keeps official records of each skaters' test accomplishments. The skater's age does not figure into his/her skating level; only the demonstration of his/her proficiency through the passing of tests. However, passing Moves in the Field is required prior to passing Free Skate at the same level. Certain age limits may e placed upon skaters at certain levels in competition.